History of the marriage bands

The orgin of marriage bands comes from ancient Egypt, about 4800 years ago

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A marriage bands is a symbol of marriage.

atlantis ring as marriage bands or wedding bandThis potent symbol of unity sends an unmistakable message about our marital status.

Atlantis rings are the perfect wedding bands. They are simply of a timeless beautiful design. The greatest gift lovers can give each another is the security and safety that only the Atlantis ring provides. 




History of Egyptian marriage bands.

As chance has it, the oldest recorded exchange of marriage bands comes from ancient Egypt, about 4800 years ago. 

In early Egypt, the ring was linked with the supernatural, a never-ending band linked with eternal love. For the Romans later, the ring's acceptance by a young lady was a binding, legal agreement and the girl was no longer free. Today we accept the ring as part of a religious ceremony when we marry in church.

Modern wedding traditions.

As time passes traditions change and, today, it is not only the brides who wear rings as a symbol of their lasting affection, but the majority of men also choose to wear this badge of fidelity and commitment.

The ring's band does not have to be gold. In early Roman times they used iron, for its symbolic strength. But that has been replaced in the third century with silver and gold because of its beauty while iron rusts. There are attractive alternatives for yellow gold, such as Silver or Electrum. You can also think about the hardness of the metal and the color of your wedding band.

Wear marriage bands left or right hand.

Most people wear the wedding band on the left hand. However, some European women wear the ring on their right hand. Some Scandinavian women wear three rings, one each for

  •   engagement
  •   marriage
  •   motherhood.

Jewish brides have the ring placed on their index finger, since that is the finger with which they point to the Torah as they read. Early

Wedding Thimbles.

Puritans refused to wear marriage bands because they considered jewelry frivolous, yet in Colonial times, couples exchanged "wedding thimbles" - a useful and practical gift, and therefore acceptable - but after the wedding they often cut off the bottoms thereby creating rings. Whatever the culture, whatever the century, people have recognized the importance of sealing their unions with rings.

But why the third finger of the left hand? 

marriage bands: which finger to wear There are many theories as to why this particular finger came to symbolize marriage. Both the ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that a vein - called the vena amoris in Latin - ran directly from that finger to the heart.

In medieval England, a bridegroom would slide the ring part way up his bride's thumb, index and middle finger, saying "In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost" as he passed each one. He then put the ring on the next available finger - the third finger of the left hand. This practice was finally formalized in the 1500's when Henry VIII's son authored The Book of Common Prayer, which gives English modern Protestant wedding vows and decrees on which finger our marriage bands should go.

Do men wear marriage bands?

The practice of men wearing marriage bands is relatively new. Up until the middle of the twentieth century, it was mostly only women who wore marriage bands, perhaps a reminder of the days when women were regarded as property, or perhaps a harmless custom akin to women wearing engagement rings that their husbands do not. When World War Two broke out and many young men faced lengthy separations from their wives, men began wearing wedding bands as a symbol of their marriages and a reminder of their wives.

  It was pure romance, a gesture of love and affection that has happily survived into modern times. The vast majority of men wear wedding bands these days.

Your Atlantis marriage bands is far more precious than any photo album or fancy dress.   

You will always be able to wear the ring you were married with when it is an Atlantis ring, even if for whatever reason the marriage has ended. The Atlantis ring is assumed to become as much part of the wearer as it is also a wedding band