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Email: 7 June 2003

Jonathan  has several odd ties to Atlantis including a childhood prediction he made of it being located (actually rising?) without prior knowledge of what we know Atlantis to be and a psychic friend of mine telling me that he was a very old spirit at the age of less than 1. I'm not personally overly inclined to believe such declarations as I had to raise this child however the year he made his prediction at the age of 10 was the year that the scientists discovered that mankind was much older than we thought it was...over 40 million years old discovered in 1984. I discovered Edgar Cayce later that year.

Jonathan has been an odd child to raise. At age three we debated Einstein's theory of relativity because he had a problem with it and he could calculate square roots and at age two he had perfect table etiquette in detail and could discuss refraction and reflection of light. At two and a half, he told me he was grown and I was now to mind him. That went over real well!

At 1 he had a vocabulary of over 100 words and when he decided to walk, called me over to watch so I wouldn't miss it, "Mother, look!". In kindergarten he could read books to groups of children. Later that summer at camp they did a play and I had to explain to the other parents watching that at least I was informed as my child yelled to me each character and roll during the play. At 6 he could spell 21 letter names of shells but at school he was called dyslexic and Einstein by his first grade teacher because she made him mad and he wouldn't write down things he knew the teacher knew that he knew and when she defined dyslexic for him, he produced a letter perfect backwards paper for her. He was later diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and an extremely high IQ but no hyperactivity or physical proof of that diagnosis. At age 10 I had a psychologist/neurologist tell me that Jonathan was grown and would have no need for us if someone would rent him an apartment and give him a job. Another psychic friend of mine still calls him Caesar-incarnate! 

Jonathan is my first born son and his grandmother knew I was pregnant before I did. An unusual ring will make the perfect birthday gift especially with his history.

I was looking for an heirloom to give him when I found your site because the ones I had been given by my mother to pass on had all been stolen in the course of 17 documented burglaries the year after my mother died - 1994.
Also, I should mention 2 things. First, the ring I am asking you to make is a pinkie ring for his left hand. Don't ask me why but that is how I see it. And secondly, my husband may order a twin set of rings (wedding type) for us near March 11th next year, our 3rd wedding anniversary, should this ring make a difference. Also, I have 2 of 4 children whose blood types are negative while mine is positive as was there father's and that includes Jonathan. I was looking for a tiger necklace when my google came up with you have a history that is true.

Please make me a positive future for my first born son.

J. W.

Email: 4 June 2003

Anyway, my son Jonathan loves the ring that arrived in time for his birthday and wears it religiously. As an observer, I would have to say he seems more in tuned to those around him (more discerning?) since he received it an out of no where, circumstances have turned around and where he had one room mate complaining about expenses, there is an ongoing jealousy among several who want to now be his room mate bringing much needed restoration money into our old family home where he lives...not bad for 2 weeks! Call it circumstance or coincidence, the absolute turn of events is rather pointed and it occurred since receiving the ring.

I also wanted to note that your web page renovations is nice but I couldn't find your moon phase page and since we are in the same time zone basically, I had intended to use it to plot some garden planting. Well, finding the change made me look it over again and I remembered that I wanted to pass on a point of trivia. Under your wedding ring page, you mention French tradition and I had read about one you just didn't happen to mention. In an old paper bound volume called The Encyclopedia of Magic I read that it is French wedding custom to drop the wedding ring on the ground before placing it on the brides hand (since bride rings out date grooms rings considerably) to break any spell placed on them before she wears it thus also signifying the purity of the grooms intentions as symbolized by the ring. Now this particular book did not offer good references however I compared it's data to a much better book on the history of talisman and though that particular reference wasn't mentioned, others (cramp rings) in the book were and could be confirmed so I give it some historic merit and thought you might find it interesting to know...

Thanks again!

J. W.