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Email: 28 April 2003


I'll start to say that I ´m very happy with this ring and how it looks, but!!!!! I want to ask a few questions about the ring and my experience.

1. Does my energy charge the ring right a way, when I put it on, or will it take some time?

Response: Yes, ring will work the moment you wear it. However the ring will become more and more personal as it will adjust to your energy field.

2. I felt and still feel that bad energy surrounding me, it did before I got the ring, and I feel that it is even more now, but I feel that it don't reach me, yet anyway! what's your opinion about it.
is it possible that u can detect more bad things around you with this ring or, am I just crazy?, and!!! do you really think that I'm protected,? I really hope so!!

Response: It augments your subconscious and intuitive powers, therefore you will aware of more "bad" energy. However the "bad" energy can not reach you. The ring works with  invisible forces that brings the human energy field in harmony.

3. the first night I put the ring on, a guy called me and offered me a job, a girl ran up to my car and kissed me through the window, I haven't seen her before in my life..:-), and my wife was crazy that day, she was mad about everything, hmm?? and there was more bad things happened that day, like an old friend back stab me with a lot of lies, and his reason ? I really don't know, but! good things happened too, for example, I met more friendly people that day than I ever have met before in two month, :-) and I got good luck in my business, what do you think about this?

Response: It  augments the ability to tap into your own intuitive powers, your subconscious and your soul. It helps to develop the owner's spirituality. You may discover "Who you really are", and it will help you to become "Who you really want to be".

4. shall I wear the ring both day and night?

Response: You can wear the ring day and night. You should do what feels best. If you feel that the ring is uncomfortable, take it off for a while, or change it to another finger.

5. how often shall I charge the ring?

Response: As often you feel it is needed. This is different for every person. Every person has a different energy field and has also different interactions with their surrounding.