Customer Experience with the Atlantis Ring

Customer writing about their findings about the Atlantis Ring.

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May 20:  Beautiful!!! We received the rings last week and we just love them. read more

May 12:  "... I must say that this ring is extremely poweful. more..."

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  From time to time customers write us their stories about what happened to them before and after they had received the Atlantis Ring.


The following owner wrote how he "tested" the Atlantis ring.

Jose's Ring NEW!!!

The following customer wrote a very interesting story, about her son.

Jonathan's Ring

Sarah's recommendation, as to the esoteric qualities, and what it does...

Sarah's Ring

Kennet from Norway, had some questions about the ring after he had received the ring.

Kennet's Ring

Barbara has always dreamt about the Atlantis Ring.

Barbara's Ring

Luiz bought two rings, one for him and one one for his female friend.

Luiz's Ring

Marie's dreams have become much more prophetic.

Marie's Ring

Chris  seems to have some more luck with the Atlantis Ring.

Chris's Ring

Owen  I have been having a lot of clairvoyant dreams.

Chris's Ring


If you have experiences with the Atlantis Ring, we would like to hear from you.

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