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Both 18K Golden Wedding Rings created at the same time with the same material

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 Gold 18K Wedding Ring

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18k gold wedding rings in yellow 18K or white 18K gold

Our Atlantis 18K wedding ring set is very unique. the 18K wedding bands are handmade. Each of these rings are crafted by hand and what is really special is that these rings are casted at the same time. This makes these gold 18K wedding rings very special, these ring symbolize the bonding from birth of the rings as these mariage bands are created at the same time, from the same material.

Gold 18K wedding rings - still together after the castAs you can see on the picture below were the rings just came out of the casting and are still together. THis gives these 18K wedding rings a special bond, same as your marriage. They dont look very attractive yet as the rings  needs to be finished and the gold need to be polished to make them reveal their beauty.

The Atlantis 18K mariage rings have also special properties, because of the design. The Atlantis ring is a very powerful ring that gives the wearer protection. The atlantis ring was found many years ago and was worn by the famous archelogist Howard Carter, who according to history survived the curse of the farao, because of the Atlantis Ring.

We make the Atlantis ring in different materials, we can make it in white 18K gold, red 18K or traditional yellow 18K gold. It does not matter what type of gold you choice, each ring will have the specail properties from the Atlantis Ring design. These matching wedding ring set is one of our most precious rings sets.

The 18K has a higher gold percentage as 14k and as such contains more gold. This makes the ring more valuable and provides this ring with the rich golden look. We also can make this ring in 18K white gold as some of us prefers the classic and stylish look of a white ring.

 You surely can understand that this gold 18K wedding ring set will enhance the bond between the two of you and will make it even stronger. The design of the atlantis ring is traditional and has past the test of the centuries. This design makes your 18K wedding band set stands out of the ordinary.

18K Wedding Ring - Atlantis RingWhile the maker works on these rings and finished them, he  meditates and strengthen the ring with positive vibes. You owe it to youself and your partner to get yourself these one in a kind wedding band set. We call them One Soul Wedding rings as explained before they were created at the same time, with the same material, formed together to stay together, only seperated after the birth of these rings. Like twins, unseperateble, you will feel the power of the these rings and enhance your marriage.

We give you even the option to have the rings made with the waxing of the moon, which will even gives these rings additional positive vibes as it is been know that the during the waxing of the moon strong positive energy flows surrounds the earth.

We have a lot of happy customers who have order them and some of their reactions:

 I just received the ring today and it's beautiful. You do very fine work. I am very pleased. I don't remember which finger I had ordered the ring for, but It seemed to fit very nicely on the right hand ring  or 4th finger. It feels good there. -- Dennis

I wanted to let you know that I received my Atlantis ring today, it’s absolutely beautiful. Engraved with my birthday of 10/29/78 it’s amazing. Thank you so very much. I will let you know later once the energies have adapted to my own how well it is working. Your work is greatly appreciated. Talk with you soon. -- J

Our wedding rings are beautiful. If you need any recommendations please let us know!!! -- Susanne

To order your 18K wedding rings just go to our order page

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