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Luiz: after she started wearing the ring she felt compelled to speak out her mind.

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Email: 4th July 2003

Hi Janwillem,

I've order two rings back in March. One for me and one one for my female friend. About six years ago I had another Atlantis ring that was made in Brazil. This ring disappeared and I wanted another one. It is difficult to evaluate if the ring is working or not. What I can tell is that recently a had an episode where the car I was driving end up in a muddy ditch sideways. The amazing thing is that I didn't get hurt and the only damage to the car was a broke exhaust caused by the tow truck that pulled it out of the ditch.

I gave the other ring to my friend as her 25th birthday gift. She was born in march 13th and I have ordered the ring on March 3rd. She is in a confusing emotional situation and she works in an environment that I believe is loaded with negative energy. I think that this two circumstances combined is preventing her to reevaluate objectively her situation. She never heard about the Atlantis ring before and wasn't aware of its powers. My intent when I gave her the ring was that it could blocked the negative energies and therefore she could see things from a different perspective.

I worn the ring on my pinkie for a week before I gave it to her. I don't know if what I did was bad or not. I thought that I could help her if I could give her some of my energy through the ring. I didn't tell her about that. She mentioned that after she started wearing the ring she felt compelled to speak out her mind. Because of that she stopped wearing it for a while. She thought that she was getting into conflict with family and coworkers because of the ring. I convinced her to put it back and she said that now she doesn't feel any difference wearing the ring. I've noticed that she wears it all the time. I know that if a person doesn't really want to change there is nothing that can be done. However I'm wondering is the ring tuned to her own energy and it is not helping anymore?

She also has a twin sister that it is a huge influence on her. It cross my mind to give one ring to her sister so it would balance things out. Do you think that this would help?