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Owen: I have been having a lot of clairvoyant dreams.

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May 12 2006

I ordered the atlantis ring about two weeks ago and I received it on Friday 5 of May, 2006.  I must say that this ring is extremely poweful.  The very moment I put it on I could feel the cleansing effects. From the first night I went to bed and every night after words I have been having a lot of clairvoyant dreams.

One of the dreams I had one night was that I was buying a food item.  Then surprisingly the next morning my mom ask me to buy the same thing for her that I dreamt of buying the night before.  I also won a small prize in the lottery yesterday form a single ticket that I purchased.

I study a lot of metaphysical science and I know that the human aura needs cleansing and protection and this ring will get the job done.

I first bought an atlantis ring from a website that I found out about but it was based on the worn down sandstone version found in 1860 and it was open ended.

I came accross your site after words then I threw away that ring and ordered yours and since then I have been having the experience of my life. 

I have seen numerous sites selling the atlantis ring but yours is the best because you choose to have the ring made during the waxing of the moon which I also feel is very important for the ultimate good vibes of the ring.

When I first put the ring on that same day the skin on my finger beneath the ring changed to a dark greenish colour so I know the ring was extracting a lot of negative energy from my aura.  I also remember my mom has a silver spoon and when she dips it in anything poison it changes to a dark colour.

Some websites say the ring will change form time to time in its shape and colour counteracting strong negative energy.

I choose to have the my ring in silver because I read on a site that it is better to have the ring in silver to prevent energy loss that may be caused by alloys that is a mixture of metals.

Sorry for the long email and thanks for this extremely powerful and positive ring I will definately order some more rings in the future to give my parents on their birthday.

Best Regards,